Kitchen tools that make my world go round

Every chef has their favorite tools. I mean, there’s a reason every chef brings their own knives to a kitchen. High-quality tools make a world of difference, and if you’re thinking about getting serious about cooking, consider making an investment in some great utensils. It took me a long time to figure that out, but I understood just how important good tools were when I got my first ‘real’ knife. It only took one slice of a tomato to see that a good knife is an investment as opposed to something that just helps get dinner on the table. Now I cut everything with it and it’s my most beloved tool. I have this Robert Welch chef knife and I happen to think it’s kind of sexy. It also fits in your hand nicely, is light-weight and has yet to fail me.

Here are some of my other favorite tools that I use on a regular basis:

Microplane zester
This thing is great for anything that needs a quick zesting or for finishing dishes with parmesan, nutmeg or other spices. At about $14.00, it’s worth your time to find one of these!

Garbage bowl. Well, for garbage and scraps.
Helps tremendously to have nearby and also cuts down the number of trips to the garbage can. (This one costs nothing, unless you want some celebrity chef brand of garbage bowl.)

Y peeler
Like a good knife, invest in a quality peeler. I use this Rösle model and I lurrrve it. Oh so much easier to handle! (It’s also not hard on the eyes either, if you’re into good-looking kitchen utensils.)

Cutting board (Kinda goes along with having good knives.)
Make sure you have some mineral oil to keep it in good shape. Look for bamboo or teak cutting boards. They may be a little more high-maintenance, but they’re worth the investment in time. I recently purchased this one, and I love it! NEVER use a glass cutting board with a good knife. Just don’t do it – it will destroy your blade. Bamboo and/or teak/sustainable material boards are your best bet.

And last, but not least on my list – the most exclusive thing I have in my arsenal is my loving wife, Terry. (Awwww….yeah, I went there.) Seriously. She’s a wonderful sous chef, entertainer, critic, and most importantly, supporter. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in life or the kitchen, and that is the truth!

I could keep going, but these are just a few of the things I use in my kitchen to make the yummy dishes that keep us well-fed. There are many more things that are on my wish list, but I’ll save that for another time!