Mexican pizza

mexican-pizza-1I had a hodge-podge mix of almost-enough-for-dinner leftover ingredients around the house this weekend, so I decided to throw them on a pizza. This also has enough good-for-you ingredients on it, so why don’t we just call it a healthy pizza, too?

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New year, new class: Methods of cooking

fruit-plate-individualSchool is back in session and this quarter covers hot and cold methods of cooking. The first 5 weeks will be spent on cold food preparation, otherwise known as garde manger, and the last 5 weeks will cover hot food preparation. A sampling of the items we’ll work on includes sandwiches, canapes, pates, terrines, seafood platters, and salads; and methods such as stewing, braising, grilling, sautéing and pan searing. The menu of foods we’ll prepare is wide and varied, and a few of them, I’m not sure how I’ll get through. Terrine? Pate? Chicken liver parfait? Eeeeck! None of the above sound appealing whatsoever, but I’ve been surprised by things before, perhaps I’ll be surprised again.

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