Crispy spaghetti squash crepes with mushrooms and sage

The season has officially turned, but this weekend I’ve been enjoying the last few moments of summer-like weather. At this time of year, one never knows how many more chances there will be to have the windows open all day or sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.

The fair temperatures have not fooled my palate, however. My brain and taste buds know that it’s nearly October, and therefore I find myself craving hearty, rustic meals. Various types of squash are in abundance right now, so I took advantage of the fall’s bounty and pulled up this recipe I’ve had bookmarked for quite some time.

This dish has a great mix of different flavors, both subtle and bold. The spaghetti squash doesn’t have a ton of flavor on its own, so that makes it a perfect ingredient to add substance without it competing or complicating the overall flavor profile of the dish. The béchamel sauce helps to pull it together, and when you get a bite with all of the components together, it’s like heaven on earth!

I highly encourage the use of fresh sage, don’t substitute with dried. Fresh sage has an amazing bold flavor that really gives this dish a pop. Paired with the mushrooms, it deepens the earthy tone of the whole meal.

Give yourself plenty of time to prep – there are a lot of components of this dish, but it’s well worth the time investment!

Recipe courtesy of Feasting at Home.



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