Baking and Pastry Week 2

macaronWeek two of baking and pastry was pretty sweet. (See what I did there?) I’m getting my routine down, getting around the kitchen better and we’re getting into more technically difficult dishes. This week was chocolate chip cookies, banana bread and the best thing so far – French macarons. I was looking so forward to the macarons. I’ve wanted to try them for a while and if I had done it on my own, there’s no way they would have turned out as good as when I had instruction from a professional chef. We also worked on some cookie bars that we’ll get back to this week now that they’ve been frozen and will be easier to cut. I bet they’ll taste good – the filling is pears, cream and currants with an oatmeal crust and struesel on top.

At orientation they said that we’d be totally turned off to desserts while in this class. I’m already there. Aside from taking a bite to taste how things are, I really don’t want to eat any of it. I figure I’ll get past that once I’m done with this class. I definitely have a much deeper appreciation for the work that goes into creating even the simplest of desserts. I definitely do want to try the macarons again on my own. If I can get those nailed down, I’m set for any party I need to bring a dessert to.

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