Stuffed mushrooms

It’s always great when you can re-purpose ingredients for a new dish. Today for a lunch appetizer, I used the leftover ricotta filling and pesto sauce from the tortellini I made for Terry. Both ingredients freeze well, just take them out the day before you want to use them to let them thaw. Let the pesto thaw in the fridge and then take it out several hours before you need it so it comes up to room temperature.

Just get some fresh mushroom caps (any variety will do, I used white button and baby portabella would be great, too). Stuff with the cheese, top with the pesto and voila! Easy appetizer. Pop them in the oven for 12-14 minutes and serve.

Original recipe here!



Banana split bites

I’m going to start out by saying I will probably never make these again. Cute and tasty as they are, they are not that easy to put together. You have to be quick or it will melt everywhere!

They’re pretty good though. If you feel like taking on a quick-fire dessert and have some help on the assembly line, maybe you can make them work. I barely got a picture in before they all fell apart!


Thanks to my brother-in-law, if you want to try these, maybe take his idea to dip the whole banana in chocolate and put them in the freezer first. Then dress them up with the goodies and serve. It may make things easier. Or try it once and maybe you’ll find an easier way to assemble these. If you do, let me know!!

This picture was taken barely a minute after they were put together – they just don’t hold up.




  • 4 firm bananas – get some while they’re still green
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Whip cream
  • Chocolate, melted
  • Peanuts, sprinkles or other garnish
  • Cherries, blueberries or other fruit topping

To assemble, slice the bananas with the skin still on. Scoop out the inside with a melon baller and put in the freezer. (Careful how long you freeze them. I had them in there for a couple hours and it was too hard to get the peel off.) Melt the chocolate, dip the ends of the bananas in the chocolate then top with ice cream, whip cream and fruit. And do it quickly!